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Diamond Wheels


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Diamond wheels are available as 3" to 16" Diameter, Continuous rim, Resin and Metal bond saw blades.

Tips for Care and Maintenance of Diamond Wheels

Center the Wheel: During the manufacturing process diamond wheels are trued to the arbor and core. After the wheel is mounted it should be tested for runout. Maximum runout should not exceed .001". If excessive runout is experienced on either the sides or periphery of the wheel, then the flanges and arbor should be checked for excessive wear or dirt. Clean or replace the flanges and remount the wheel, then re-check.

Dress the Wheel: After the wheel is mounted it is advisable to dress it. Dress the wheel by cutting into a soft dressing stick for resin bond or a coarser stick for metal bond. For the first dressing of the wheel, make 3 to 4 cuts into the dressing stick. Thereafter for sharpening the wheel, only 1 to 3 cuts should be necessary.

Coolants: Most industrial cutting applications are wet. The proper use of coolants is essential to the life and performance of a diamond wheel. A good industrial coolant flooded into and on both sides of the cut will provide optimum results.

Speeds: Operating the diamond wheel at proper speeds for your application is also very important to the life and performance of the wheel.

Use our Speed by Application Chart and Speed Conversion Chart to find the best operating speed for your wheel and application.

Speed by Application Chart

Speed Conversion Chart