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80-BQ Cut-Off Saw


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The model 80-BQ is a precision built universal cutting machine, capable of both through-feed and down-feed operation. A hydraulic control unit is used for down feed operation and is so smooth it eliminates run outs and other cutting flaws. The blade pressure can be set at any requirement up to 20 pounds by positioning the counter balance weight.

The down-travel of the blade can be adjusted at any desired position by adjusting positive depth stop. The through-feed is secured using a ridged precision bearing rail and bearing blocks for smooth accurate cutting of large and small work pieces. (Bearings and rails are protected using bellows and scrapers.) The 80-BQ has a precision-built cartridge spindle quill assembly equipped with a ground taper that accepts a accurate ground wheel adaptor preventing any wheel run out and reduces blade change over time.

The machine has a 3 H.P. 220/480 volt motor that is mounted inside the rugged machine base that is surrounded by stainless steel skirting as well as a stainless steel coolant tank, pump and pan. The 80-BQ comes equipped with a lexan enclosure that allows light in and prevents water from escaping. All electrical components are mounted on the side of the machine in their own electrical enclosure. The 80-BQ is equipped to run a 14" blade; with a special order it can accept up to a 16" blade.

1 year warranty on all parts and workmanship.

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Manufactured for more than 60 years, a time proven product that has evolved with improvements to meet todays requirements, still offering the highest quality and endurance.

80 BQ basic utilizes mass for its cutting accuracy of .0005, it is capable of both through feed and down feed operations. All major parts are close grained grey iron castings precision machined and carefully assembled.

Used in:

Production, Quality control, Laboratory tests, Research and development

Used For:

Thin-sectioning, Wafering, Dicing, Slotting, Shaping, Sizing

Used On:

Carbide, Glass, Ceramics, Ferrite, Quartz, Epoxy, Pyrex, Alumina, Beryllium-oxide, Ruby, Sapphire, Carbon, Mica, Agate and many other materials.