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Precision Cut-Off Saws and Diamond Cutting Blades

Sowers Dia-Met Company, formerly C & R Industries, manufactures a variety of Semi-precision and Precision cut-off machines to accommodate numerous industries. These machines are typically used for cutting delicate, close tolerance work as well as larger production work.

Machines Are Of Rugged Design And Are Customized To Suit Your Needs

Our Machines Have Cut The Following with Great Success:

* Quartz * Ceramics
* Glass * Carbide
* Stealth Material * Moon samples

Sowers Dia-Met Company is proud to highlight our Resin Bond Diamond Cut-Off Wheels.

The industry is demanding a high quality Cut-Off Wheel, and Sowers Dia-Met has responded. Our cut-Off wheels are manufactured in our plant in Elyria Ohio and will deliver superior quality at extremely competitive prices.


Sowers Dia-Met tailor all machines to suit your needs. Whether your machine requires alert systems, safety guards, increased blade size, or any of the upgrades available.


Sowers Dia-Met is continuously updating their machines to meet the demand of the latest technology. Since 2000, Sowers Dia-Met has offered many upgrades including: machine base, stainless steel pan, Lexan enclosure, and many more.

Formerly a Felker/Dresser Industrial Machine Line